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Comparison of power supply transformers
- Jul 27, 2017 -

In the manufacture of transformers, what are the advantages and disadvantages of winding machine winding and manual winding?

The advantages of the machine winding transformer are high efficiency and beautiful appearance, but the ring-type transformers around the tall and small holes are troublesome, and the reliability of the insulating process is not as good as the hand-wound in place. Hand-wound can be a transformer leakage magnetic do very small, in the winding process can be aimed at the coil turn the layout at any time to adjust, so the real hi–end transformer must be pure manual winding, the only drawback of pure hand-wound is low efficiency, slow.

Two, ring type, EI type, R type, c type of several power transformers which is the best?

They each have their advantages and disadvantages and do not exist who is best said, so strictly speaking which transformer can do the best. From a structural point of view, the ring can be the smallest magnetic leakage, but the voice of the sense of EI-type can be a better sense of density. In terms of magnetic saturation alone, the EI type is stronger than the ring type, but the ring type is better than EI type in efficiency. However, the crux of the problem is that you can not avoid the strengths and weaknesses of their respective advantages to play out, and this is the most fundamental to good transformers.

In the current import amplifier, the application of ring-type transformers is still mainstream, which basically illustrates a problem. Enthusiasts to the transformer's * price to be objective and fair, you can not take a good thing for reference and said it is not good. Some people say that the ring-type transformer is easy to magnetic saturation, then why don't you try to make it not easy to magnetic saturation? And the original technology can do this. No less effort or blindly to save costs, it is naturally easy to magnetic saturation. In the same vein, the efficiency of an EI-type transformer can be very high as long as you make it carefully.

The quality of the transformer has a great influence on the sound, because the transmission energy of the transformer is closely related to the iron core and the coil, and the transmission rate plays a decisive role in the influence of the sound. Like EI-type transformers, people usually think of its medium-frequency is thicker, high-frequency is more slender, why? Because of its relatively slow transmission speed. What about the ring type? Low frequency is fierce, medium and high frequency is slightly weaker, why? Because it is faster to transmit, but if you can make the ring and EI types perfect with effective structural changes, the key is to see what you do.