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Current status of Transformers
- Jul 27, 2017 -

China's transformer manufacturing enterprises about 1500. More than 500kV of Transformers production enterprises nearly 30, 220kV and more than 50 enterprises, 110kV and the following production enterprises in the statistical scope of a certain scale of production enterprises about 130. In recent 3 years, China's annual output of transformer demand is around 1,500,001,000 KVA. Industry Insight Research "Transformer Market Analysis Report" shows that China's transformer industry capacity of about 3,000,001,000 kVA, of which Shen, west, Bao three group capacity of about 500.001 million KVA.

In the past few years, China's power construction and rapid development, transformer demand increased rapidly, leading to a considerable number of domestic transformer enterprises to expand production capacity, or even individual enterprise capacity doubled. Since 2009, the National electricity construction speed has slowed down, the domestic transformer demand has reduced. In particular, the state network companies, South network companies using centralized tendering methods to purchase transformers, low bid results in an unprecedented competitive enterprise. In addition, because of the fierce competition in the domestic market, the price below the cost price, leading some enterprises began to take overseas routes, export products, foreign construction plants. In addition, many companies have begun to work to develop new, energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent products. However, the general economic benefits of domestic transformer enterprises have obviously declined, and many enterprises are in the margin of loss or loss. A large number of distribution transformer enterprises, even the sacrifice of product quality and malicious competition. In addition, the quality of transformer products decreased, the accident rate increased. The qualified rate of power distribution transformer is only 70%. On-line Operation Transformer accident rate is increasing, resulting in the accident transformer nearly 5 years of production products, power grid security is threatened.