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Transformer iron core silicon steel, the larger the amount of the better?
- Jul 27, 2017 -

It is not seen that the size of the steel silicon content on the quality of transformers is not very large, and the orientation and no orientation is related to the type of iron core. Second, even the same type of iron core if you do not handle the process, the quality difference is also very large, the difference is sometimes up to 40% or 50%.

Good iron core and the same material its heat treatment and wire winding process is very important, good heat treatment only a small 10mA exciting current can achieve 15000 Gauss, and bad heat treatment may be 50mA of exciting current to achieve the corresponding 15000 gauss, the difference between the two is very large. From a professional point of view to judge the good and bad iron core, mainly through the excitation current, iron loss, saturation parameters of several indicators to carry out a comprehensive * price.