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Various uses of coils
- Jul 27, 2017 -

1. The use of patch coils: widely used in common-mode filters, Multi-Frequency transformers, impedance transformers, balance and unbalanced conversion transformers, suppression of electronic equipment EMI noise, personal computer and peripherals USB line, LCD display panel, low voltage differential signal, car remote control keys.

2. Fixed inductance coil includes: ring coil, choke coils, common-mode coils, ferrite beads, power inductors, SMD type and PIN type to choose from. Widely used in the network, telecommunications, computers, AC power and peripherals.

3. Closed magnetic circuit high current surface mount power inductance features and applications: Ideal DC-dc conversion inductance, high-power, high saturation inductor, DC resistance is small, suitable for large current, with or with the volume of the wheel packaging for automatic surface installation, should be used for video cassette recorder power supply, video recorder power supply, LCD TV, laptop computer, office automation equipment, mobile communication equipment, DC/DC converters and so on.

4. Use of RF inductors: Widely used in mobile phones, VCO, TCXO circuits and RF transceiver modules, Global Positioning System, wireless network, Bluetooth module, communication equipment, LCD TV, camera, notebook computer, inkjet printer, copier, display monitor, game machine, color TV, video recorder, CD player, camera, digital camera, automobile electronic products and etc.