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What are the silicon steel materials in transformers?
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Because the loss of silicon steel in alternating magnetic field is very small, the transformer mainly uses the silicon steel sheet to make the magnetic material. Silicon steel sheet can be divided into hot and cold rolling, cold-rolled silicon strip because of high magnetic conductivity and low loss, so used to make transformers with small size, light weight, high efficiency advantages. The performance of hot-rolled silicon steel strips is slightly less than that of cold-rolled silicon steel strip.

The common EI-type transformer is made of silicon steel plate 0.35–0.5mm thick e-type and I-type film, after heat treatment and then inserted into the winding line package, this type of iron core to use hot-rolled silicon steel sheet, the majority (high silicon content of high-quality silicon steel models for D41, D42, D43, D301). The core of the ring type and the C-type transformer is formed by coiling the cold-rolled Silicon Steel strip, wherein the C-type transformer is made by the heat-treatment dipping and then cut.

The leakage inductance of the transformer is generated by the flux of the secondary, which passes through the air and becomes a closed magnetic circuit. The coupling density between primary and secondary transformer can reduce leakage. Good transformer leakage Induction does not exceed the primary inductance of 1/100, high fidelity Hi–fi used in the bile machine output transformer should not exceed 1/500.