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Analysis Of Common Faults In Transformers
- Jul 27, 2017 -

(1) When the stereo is loud and noisy, it may be the problem of transformer iron core. For example, when the screw of clamping or pressing iron core is loose, the indication of the instrument is normal normally, the color, temperature and oil level of the insulating oil are not changed greatly, so the operation of the transformer should be stopped and checked.

(2) The sound of the water boiling sound, issued "Gollum Gollum" bubble escape, may be the winding has a more serious fault, so that the parts of the vicinity of the serious heat to make oil and gas. The contact of the tap switch is bad and the local point is severely overheated or the transformer turns short circuit, this sound will be issued. At this point, should immediately stop the transformer operation, overhaul.

(3) The sound of the explosion in the sound, both large and uneven, may be the transformer body Insulation has a breakdown phenomenon. At this time, the transformer should be stopped operation, overhaul.

(4) The Sound of the "creak" of the discharge, may be the transformer body or casing surface partial discharge. If the problem is the casing, in bad weather or at night, can also see corona glow or blue, purple sparks, at this time, should clean the casing surface of the dirty, and then coated with silicone oil or silicone grease and other coatings. At this point, to stop the transformer, check the iron core grounding and each charged parts of the distance to meet the requirements.

(5) When the sound is clamped in a continuous, regular or frictional sound, it may be that some parts of the transformer cause mechanical contact due to the vibration of the iron core, or because of the abnormal noise caused by electrostatic discharge, and all kinds of measurement meter indicator and temperature are not responding, although this kind of noise is abnormal, but the operation of no major harm, do not have to stop running immediately, can be excluded in the planning overhaul.