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Analysis Of Early Fault Development Of Power Transformers
- Jul 27, 2017 -

The transformer is the important equipment of the power system, its condition is good or bad, directly affects the safe operation of the power grid. Therefore, the power transformer on-line monitoring, timely grasp of equipment status, has always been the dream and pursuit of power workers.

The condition monitoring of the transformer is the acquisition and analysis of the relevant parameters and signals, check out the internal initial fault and its development trend, the production department immediately organizes the personnel to carry on the comprehensive analysis, the diagnosis equipment condition, reduces the loss, avoids the vicious accident occurrence, the traditional regular maintenance turns the condition maintenance, thus enhances the power grid safe economic operation, improves to the user's service quality.

Because the transformer in the design, manufacture, installation and operation and maintenance of the reasons for insulation defects, the ability to withstand short circuit, so in recent years has more accidents, which threaten the most serious safety of the winding partial discharge fault. According to the state power Company's investigation of the 2001 National 110kV and above accidents, it is learned that the winding accident accounted for 74.6 of the total number of accidents [1] (Fujian Province network is 80). Therefore, the main task to improve the safe operation of Transformers is to check out the partial discharge defects in the windings.