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How To Choose The Capacity Of Transformer
- Jul 27, 2017 -

How to choose the transformer capacity, the appropriate choice of transformer capacity is the primary standard of energy saving and emission reduction. Generally speaking, the capacity of the transformer is smaller than the capacity of its capacity, while the economic work is the transformer with larger capacity. Transformer capacity design is also based on capacity utilization and economic work to select Transformers.

Today, distribution Transformers common "Big Mara car" scene, some transformers for a long time in no-load situation. And some gradually developed township will be in a long-term load situation, resulting in the burnout of Transformers. So how to choose the transformer? Transformer capacity selection should be based on the "small capacity, the dot" principle, distribution transformers should be located as far as possible load base, power supply radius of not exceeding 0.5 km. The power distribution transformer's load rate between 0.5 ~ 0.6 is the highest, at this time the capacity of the transformer is called economic capacity. Assuming the load is relatively stable, continuous production of the situation can be selected by economic capacity of the transformer capacity.