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Technical Questions And Answers Of Power Transformers And Busbar
- Jul 27, 2017 -

1. What is a magnetic field?

A: In the magnetic pole or any current loop around and magnetized objects inside and outside, the magnetic needle or the movement of the electric charge, the magnetic action of the space called magnetic field. It is similar to electric field, also has the characteristic of force and energy.

2. What are the main types of insulating materials?

A: The insulating material is also called the dielectric. The insulating material is a material that can prevent the current from passing through, that is, non-conductive material. Commonly used insulation materials are: gas: such as air, sulphur hexafluoride and so on. Liquids: such as transformer oil, cable oil, capacitor oil, etc. solid materials: including two types, one is inorganic insulating materials, such as mica, asbestos, porcelain, glass, and the other is organic material, such as paper, cotton yarn, wood, plastic and so on. 3, what is soft magnetic materials?

A: soft magnetic material refers to the residual magnetism and coercive force are very small ferromagnetic materials, such as silicon steel, pure iron and so on. It is characterized by easy magnetization, easy demagnetization and narrow hysteresis line. Soft magnetic materials are often used to make motors, transformers, electromagnets and other electrical core. The characteristic is not easy to magnetization, also not easy to lose magnetism, hysteresis line is wider. Hard magnetic materials are often used to make permanent magnets, magnetic magnets for loudspeakers, and memory elements in electronic circuits.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a vortex?

A: The inner conductor of the alternating magnetic field (including ferromagnetic material) will induce a closed loop current, called a vortex, on a cross-section perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic lines. Benefit: The use of eddy current principle can be made into induction furnace to smelting metal, the use of eddy current can be made of magnetic electric, inductive electrical instrumentation; The damper in the Watt-hour meter is also made of eddy current principle. Disadvantages: In the motor, transformers and other equipment, due to the existence of Eddy current will produce additional losses, while the magnetic field weakened the efficiency of the electrical equipment to reduce the capacity of the equipment can not be fully utilized.

5, if the inductance has a resistance to alternating current, through the role of DC, then the capacitance is not also the role?

A: Capacitance does not have this effect. Capacitance is a DC power, alternating current, that is, when the capacitor at both ends of the DC power, capacitance resistance to infinity, this circuit is not, no electricity. When the capacitance at both ends of the AC power, the capacitive resistance XC=1/2ΠFC, the circuit is through, there is current.