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What Is The Specification And Model Of The Transformer And How?
- Jul 27, 2017 -

What is the specification and model of the transformer? How are the specifications and models made?

I. Classification

According to the type of cooling: dry (from cold) transformers, oil-immersed (from cold) transformers, fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformers.

According to the way of Moistureproof classification: Open transformers, Potting type transformers, sealed type Transformers.

According to the core or coil structure classification: Core-type transformers (insert iron Core, C-type iron core, ferrite core), Shell-type transformers (insert iron Core, C-type iron core, ferrite Iron Core), ring-type transformers, metal foil transformers.

According to the number of power phase classification: Single-Phase transformers, three-phase transformers, Multiphase transformers.

Classification by use: Power transformers, Voltage transformers, audio transformers, Intermediate frequency transformers, High-frequency transformers, Pulse transformers.

II. Characteristic parameters of power transformers

1. Frequency of work

Transformer core loss and frequency relationship is very large, it should be based on the use of frequency to design and use, this frequency called operating frequency.

2. Rated Power

Under the specified frequency and voltage, the transformer can work for a long time without exceeding the specified temperature rise output power.

3. Rated Voltage

The voltage applied to the coil of a transformer shall not be greater than the specified value.

4, Voltage ratio

Refers to the transformer primary voltage and secondary voltage ratio, there is no-load voltage ratio and load voltage ratio difference.